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The actors around the ski trails

  • The city of Freudenstadt currently maintains more than 100 kilometers of cross-country trails with two of its own snow groomers, two urban drivers and an operations manager around Freudenstadt and Kniebis
  • The SV- SZ Kniebis contributes to the maintenance of the cross-country ski trail of the DSV Nordic Active Center Kniebis: the ski club takes care of the technical aspects Snowmaking of the illuminated night trail as well as the care and maintenance of the ski roller course in summer

  • The Loipenförderverein

  • With the membership fees, donations and sponsorship funds, the cross-country skiing, the development and the maintenance of the trails by the named players are financially supported
  • We are committed to the preservation and development of trails in contact with the surrounding communities and associations and maintain cooperation with the organizations of skiing

  • Each euro of you is 100% in the trail maintenance.

    Become a member

    Find the application for membership in pdf format.
    Please send these in the original to the specified address, because we need the original for our documents due to the Sepa mandate and the data protection consent.

    Your advantage as a member for the use of the technically snow-covered night trail on the Kniebis: For the season ticket at SV-SZ Kniebis (order online here!) get a discount of 10€!:
  • The "Einmalige Loipenfördervereinskarte" is 25€/Jahr
  • The "Einmalige Familien- Loipenfördervereinskarte" is 55€/Jahr
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    Loipenförderverein Freudenstadt und Umgebung e.V.
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